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by Prblanco
3 years ago
Forum: PES 2016
Topic: PES 2016: News, Rumours & Speculation
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Re: PES 2016: News, Rumours & Speculation

I've edited player names for a few Brazilian teams which don't have real player names, but Live Updates revert them back to their fake names. (hmm)
by Prblanco
8 years ago
Forum: Football Forum
Topic: Copa Libertadores 2011
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Copa Libertadores 2011

The Copa Libertadores final was yesterday with Santos crowned champions for the 3rd time... did any of you guys in Europe see it? What is the interest in Copa Libertadores at Europe? Oh, and hello everyone, I'm new here and one of the few guys who plays PES on the Wii :P [youtube]W_AXZ64dNzI[/youtube]