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by stuartyd
2 years ago
Forum: PES 2018
Topic: PES 2018 Discussion, News + Videos
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PES 2018 Discussion, News & Videos

Has the advantage rule been fixed?
In 2017 if your player is robbed of the ball immediately after advantage is played after a foul, the ref lets the game play on instead of calling it back for the original free kick
by stuartyd
3 years ago
Forum: PES 2017
Topic: PES 2017 Q&A: Submit Your Questions
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PES 2017 Q&A: Submit Your Questions

1. Have overpowered throughballs been fixed? 2. Do finesse shots still look awkward and unrealistic? 3. Will online cameras be customisable ( height, angle, zoom etc) 4. Is scoring goals still lifeless and boring? 5. Do nets move realistically when a goal is scored? (Please ask them to copy Football...