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by maremas
8 years ago
Forum: PES 2011
Topic: Master League Online [MLO]
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Re: Master League Online [MLO]

I love this mod, and I play MLO mostly but I don't like to see that many people have all the stars in its team, when they have Messi, Torres, Drogba in atack etc...! I think Konami should in put "FAME" for teams and players, for example if Messi have fame 15 then you can buy it only if the fame of y...
by maremas
8 years ago
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Helloooo :))
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Helloooo :))

Hello, my name is Marko and I'm from Serbia, maybe some know me(as maremas) by what I've made video tutorials for PES.
I came here just to greet you and say that I follow this blog, and to say that you are doing an excellent job!

Greetings from the www.pes-serbia.com too.