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Pro Evo Network goal of the month

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Pro Evo Network goal of the month

Post by goat261 » 6 years ago

PEN goal of the month competition for March, an example of the style of play to expect in our league, much better than the usual through ball spamming you see online, if you want to have fun games and not be frustrated by cheats come and join us, this is a league made by pes fans for pes fans to get the most out of the game.


Competitive but fun PES leagues (no through ball spamming)

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Re: Pro Evo Network goal of the month

Post by DjRambeaux » 6 years ago

How do I go about joining for the 360. I'm getting bored playing people online who only choose barca or real and just thru ball it constantly. I'm looking forward to playing with proper pes fans
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