Pre-order PES 2014 and support Only Pro Evolutions

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Pre-order PES 2014 and support Only Pro Evolutions

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If you're thinking about getting PES 2014, please consider supporting Only Pro Evolutions by using our affiliate links:

With new servers to be paid for later this month, any help from our fans (Twitter followers, Facebook fans, forum members and front page regulars for example) would be hugely appreciated.

Additionally, as an official affiliate of Zavvi, pre-order with OPE and you'll receive the exclusive European Classic kits pack (above) on release day.

Alternatively, I have brainstormed some ideas for the future - this includes recording equipment for podcasts, live streams, PES tutorials and regular Youtube series - however, some of these ideas are a little out of reach right now. But, with your support, I know the site will be able to deliver even more fantastic content throughout the entire lifespan of PES 2014 and beyond!


Personally, I have very high hopes for PES 2014 and I'm confident the new engine will bring an endless amount of enjoyment to everyone who picks up PES this year. I also believe OPE with continue its trend for PES 2014 and the website will continue to grow for the fourth successive year. It's been a fun ride so far but let me tell you: we're only just getting started.

Thank you for reading - and a special thanks to every one of you who makes your order with us. :-)
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