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Hi from London, UK

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Hi from London, UK

Post by ReaperSL1984 » 5 years ago

Hi all (wave),

I started back on ISS on the SNES, followed by several ISS and ISS PRO on other consoles like N64, Playstation, Playstation 2, and have tried all PES on the XBOX 360, PS3, WII, 3DS and PSP...yes I understand I am a freak (y) currently loving PES2013 on the XBOX 360 only and excited to hear about the new engine for 2014 and currently thinking I should be saving for the new PS4 console to blow more of my life on with PES 2014 and GTA V lol secretly hoping for it in 3D as well as Black Ops II is awesome in 3D on my 50" 3DTV.

Ps. I swear I do have a life outside of my house. :shock:

I do not regret the things I have done, only those I am yet to do.

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Re: Hi from London, UK

Post by Mike » 5 years ago

Welcome to the forums, ReaperSL1984. Always great to have another big PES fan posting on here. :)
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