Hello from Finland

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Hello from Finland

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Hello to everyone from a FIFA convert! (wave)

I'm just another football-addicted lad looking for the ultimate sofa-experience of kicking a ball during the winters. I've got a long history of football games, or well maybe not that long compared to some of you, but I did begin my story with FIFA RTWC 98 back on Playstation. After that I continued for a few years with FIFA before being introduced to PES, and oh boy did I enjoy those late iterations of 5 and 6. Played them so much that I actually had to do some "option files" myself to get some authenticity to it.

Moving onto the next generation of gaming consoles I switched back to FIFA for a few years again as they seemed more realistic than PES at the time with all its quirks. However now I got completely disappointed with FIFA13, expected too much from it and it didn't deliver. It's even more arcade than before and too focused on Ultimate Team and how to make the game moron-friendly. Plus it's buggy as a game can get.

PES2013 however felt good ever since the first demo, I did right away envision myself getting both games this time around, which I now finally did. I'm currently enjoying PES and it's better paced football with your option files to make it more authentic. Great job guys!

As an extra question if anyone happens to read this far; from whom and how do Konami get the player stats? I mean there are some weird things going on in there. Sometimes new and upcoming players are rated very high, but some similar names are still completely in the mist? Some old stars have kept their old ratings and looks even if they haven't been playing top-class football in years?
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Re: Hello from Finland

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Welcome aboard, JCFast! Great to have you here :).
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