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Champions League [2012/13]

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Re: Champions League [2012/13]

Post by Lateralus » 5 years ago

Well, I agree with the whole Pep situation. He took the easiest job there is. Bayern is financially stable, always at the top of the Bundesliga and has real good players.
But it will still be so hard to stay on top of the game with that team because if they do everything right in the next three weeks, Bayern has won the triple.

But first of all, Bayern needs to win the CL. I am not too concerned that they will win the German DFP-Cup against Stuttgart but even that is a final in which anything can happen.

Dortmund showed in the past years that they have what it takes to beat Bayern. Maybe they can just do it again. Maybe Götze won't even be able to play in the starting lineup as he is injured at the moment. But he will probably play though.

My gut says, Reus will score an awesome goal within the first 15 minutes of the game. After that the game will go back and forth and we will see an amazing Champions League final. But that is the optimist in me speaking.

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