How many soccer jerseys do you have?

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How many soccer jerseys do you have?

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Since there seems to be such a thread does not exist, I thought that a topic. Would be very interesting.
So ... How many soccer jerseys do you have :lol: ?

I ;) :
Lazio Rome (2004)
Inter Milan (fake ^^) (2005 or so)
Arsenal (fake) (Henry) (03/04)
Tunisia (Dos Santos) (06/07)
Cameroon (Foé) (03/04)
Olympique Lyon 3rd (Juninho) (06/07)
Real Madrid (Robinho) (07/08)
Austria Wien (Sweepstakes, Random Football Prize) (05/06 or 04/05)
Rapid Wien away (Fabiano) (07/08)
Romania (06/07)
Spain (06/07)
Spain (Torres) (07/09)
England away (06/07)
Portugal (Ronaldo) (07/09)
As Rome (Totti) (07/08)
Inter Milan 100 years jubilee jersey (07/08) with the imprint after they became master again in 2008: I Campioni siamo noi - 16 :)
Austria (Vastic) (07/09)

Here, I also share a friend's collection!

how about it? Anyway, I think they are great!!! (y) (y) (y)

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