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[PS3] GTM OPE v1.6

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[PS3] GTM OPE v1.6

Post by Mike » 6 years ago

We welcome glenthemagpie onto the OPE editing team.
Option file features:

A Euro 2012 squad update: player appearances, team formations, squad numbers and players boots have all been updated to improve the game's authenticity.

The Olympic Stadium, which hosted the final in Kiev, has also been added so you can enjoy the ultimate Euro 2012 experience on PES 2012.

A large number of 2012/13 kits have also been added. More (and updated transfers) will come in future releases. too.

Download link:

Additional download links:

To ensure this file works, you must install all previous GTM OPE option files before you install this update.

Please download and install each file, in order, one at a time, starting with V1.0 and ending with V1.6:

1.0| 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6

Optional team pack: missing npower Championship clubs
Installation guide:

1. Download the Option File (all OPE PS3 files are here: http://www.onlyproevolutions.com/search/label/GTM )
2. Unzip it to your Desktop using WinRAR
3. Insert your USB stick into your PC
4. Make a new folder on your USB called PS3, then inside that create another folder called SAVEDATA
5. Put the OF into the SAVEDATA folder, so on your USB you will have PS3> SAVEDATA> all the folders from the OF
6. Plug USB stick into PS3
7. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility
8. Find your USB stick
9. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file, and a System Data file
10. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, a Copy ALL option will appear
11. Copy all files (apart from System Data if it's there) from your USB to your PS3
12. Unplug your USB stick
13. Load up PES 2012
14. That's it. Enjoy your option file!

Due to BLES code restrictions, this file will only work in the UK.

We hope this issue is sorted for PES 2013 so, like the Xbox 360, everyone can download our option files.

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