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Editing after GTM's full OP file

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Editing after GTM's full OP file

Post by Enigma73 » 6 years ago

Hi guys,

After my successful attempt to install GTM's OP File (which is just amazing) I did wonder if anyone has added even more content to their PES game.

I would imagine most people on these forums are playing PES2012 but has anyone added music, camera alterations pre-match tunnel, crowd chants etc?

I was assuming that most of these 'tweaks' were only available for PC but have noticed these popping up as downloads for PS3? Is that right? And do most of you guys just stick with GTM's Op file and leave it at that?

Thanks for listening :-)

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Re: Editing after GTM's full OP file

Post by Seabass » 6 years ago

When I had a PS3, I just downloaded the option file and stuck with it. Nice and simple. ;)
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