NTSC version on a PAL console

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NTSC version on a PAL console

Post by RyantheTiger »

Basically I've accidentally gone and bought the American NTSC version of PES 2013 and I have a European PAL console.

A bit of googling tells me that most games don't work in the wrong region, but some are 'region-free' and can work in the wrong region. However I can't find anything that confirms whether PES 2013 is region-free or not. If it makes a difference, it has a totally different front cover to the European version. Also I would need it to load my old saved games which I made using my old PAL copy.

I'm probably going to have to send this back and pick up a PAL copy instead, but I just thought I'd ask on the off chance this game might work. Oh and I can't open the box to find out because that will make it impossible to return.

As a side note, if they'd not made PES 2014 such a total car crash of a game and if FIFA wasn't so equally terrible every single year I wouldn't have had to buy another copy of PES 2013!

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Re: NTSC version on a PAL console

Post by Seabass »

I'd really recommend you switching it for a PAL version. I wouldn't put my life on it but I'm pretty sure it would be region locked. Not really worth the risk of losing your money.
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