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Any help?

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Any help?

Post by xReadingFCx » 6 years ago


I'm getting PES 2013 tomorrow and obviously because of that I'm new to all this v.1/v.2/v.3 stuff, any chance of somebody helping me out because I read on one post that you have to download them all but on another that I'd only have to download v.3 for it to work? I'm on an Xbox 360, by the way.

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Re: Any help?

Post by Seabass » 6 years ago

Looking at your username, I guess you want the Npower Championship OF? ;)

Everything you need is here (download link and installation tutorial): viewtopic.php?f=63&t=1081

If you're new to PES 2013, start off by downloading all THREE Data Packs from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Then, make sure you load up the game (and install DP1/2/3) before loading the OF. Do this by starting up the game up, confirm your controller/game settings and finish by skipping through the intro menu.

Once there, you can now back out to the Xbox Live dashboard and copy across the OF files across from your USB to your 360. Don't worry about this, it's a pretty straightforward process. The video tutorial is in the link posted above. ;)
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