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Idea for an option files

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Warming Up
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Idea for an option files

Post by Bianoutch » 6 years ago

Hi everyone, first of all sorry for my bad english :?
Congratulation for your beautiful work.

I want to ask you if is it possible to make an Fo with transfert ok of course and english premier league, bundesliga ang liga sagres and classic with emblem and shirt
or could you give me the name of you're use to make option file or give me how do you make your option file :-)
I would like to keep the second league (with wondergine town, Ganzoraccio ...), because i made my own teams in this league
(i put only international men, playing in championship for instance, so Wondergine town is composed with Lovenkrand (playing normally with birmingham city), bogdan from bolton, Hennessey from Wolverhampton ...
I made it the same thing with french one, italian, spanish, german and turkish. i think i keep PES united and We United for creating 2 team by using Captain tsubasa players.

I hope everyone can understand me, and hope an answer to.

Have a good game

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