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OFFICIAL FEEDBACK: Patch 1.04 and Data Pack 2

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Re: OFFICIAL FEEDBACK: Patch 1.04 and Data Pack 2

Post by supashak80 » 5 years ago

The goal tending is still bad along with other things but somebody tried to chip me online on a PK. I stood there assuming he would go down the middle I see the ball is high and slightly to the PK taker right, it deflect off my hand and he scored on the rebound. I should've caught it since he kicked it soft. Another time on a PK that came from a terrible call I dive the right way it goes through his hands. This one is more plausible but I know with this game it most likely is may a reoccurring theme.

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Re: OFFICIAL FEEDBACK: Patch 1.04 and Data Pack 2

Post by fblasonato » 5 years ago

supashak80 wrote:My biggest issue is the gameplay being too close to FIFA.

THANK YOU. Thats what Im saying, its a whole new game. Im losing to no name teams that I would beat before on superstar 2-0. I liked the game before dp2, at least it played well. The only problem was players not being responsive enough and the goalkeepers, and they go and change the whole friken game. Im raging at the moment. This game is the biggest pile of crap now, worse than fifa. Looks like ill be getting fifa 14 on the new gen. Lets hope ea get it right with the new engine. Konami, one word...PATHETIC. If they put the same effort into this game as they did with metal gear it would be amazing, yet they prefer to release half finished crap like this, make us wait 3 months, then go make the game worse

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Re: OFFICIAL FEEDBACK: Patch 1.04 and Data Pack 2

Post by Mike » 5 years ago

Thanks for your feedback everyone. It's really appreciated. Watch this space for the next official feedback thread. :-)
tigerwalms wrote:Do you know how often they are intending to release game patches?
I don't know, sorry.
tigerwalms wrote:Would you like to send them a few personal messages from me?!
Only if I can pass it off as a Christmas present - from me to you! :great:

*thread closed*
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