Master League Questions

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Master League Questions

Post by Marshall2000_uk »

Thought I'd start a topic for questions in Master League rather than the questions I have.

I just got to negotiation day, I had something telling me one of my players was showing promise and just needed more game time. Anyway I skipped it on to the next match.

What was negotiation day? It is for contract renewals?

The player I was told was showing promise now has a slighlty faded red arrow (not normal red). Anyone know what that's about?

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Re: Master League Questions

Post by nick7 »

I havent been on ML myself but im guessing its PES version of deadline day. (final day for transfers)

I maybe wrong with that though.

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Re: Master League Questions

Post by Jay_Overidde »

Negotiation day isn't transfer deadline day, Deadline day is stated on the day it happens. Negotiation days are to do with contracts I believe but also out of transfer window able to negotiate transfers upfront? I could be wrong
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Re: Master League Questions

Post by itstroff »

Yeah, thankfully you can negotiate with other teams outside of the transfer windows again.

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Re: Master League Questions

Post by Otacon_X »

When they tell you a player is showing promise, play the shit out of em, and play well. They can end up improving by quite a bit.

I had Adam Johansson improve by 4 points overall, 77 to 81 within two matches because he played so well.
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Re: Master League Questions

Post by irishmufc »

I keep starting master leagues and picking the 'Don't Use' option as in not to use the fake pes teams, but when I'm playing in the Europe League they're in it :(.

Any way to not have those fake teams at all in it?

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Re: Master League Questions

Post by Mike »

I can't find a way either. Even if you use the PEU League to create your own custom teams, the hidden Other Teams (Europe) still turn up.

I'm really enjoying myClub (so things could be worse), but it's so sad to see myself not playing ML - a strong reason being that I really struggle when I see Pabrowiestein, Dhroffsmitz and Creussenburg in the Champions League draw. :oops:
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Re: Master League Questions

Post by Walker2o »

Is there a way to track your player overall improvements in master league? I have put players like Ryan Gauld on physical training to improve and can't tell if he is.
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Re: Master League Questions

Post by RyantheTiger »

Negotiation Day is confusing. I'm pretty sure it's just a day with no game and nothing happening, but on which the calendar still stops. So one of the things you might do that day is negotiate for players.

Though I don't know why they don't just let you stop the calendar manually like in 2013.

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Re: Master League Questions

Post by pesmad1980 »

Really hope Konami release a patch that lets you skip day by day on ML
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