'Champions League Stars' Top Agent

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'Champions League Stars' Top Agent

Post by Flo »

Hi guys,
what do you think about the new special agent with 60% chance for a black ball?

I guess this will ruin the myclub mode!
Teams will get to good now and all teams will look the same in a few weeks (like a champions league superstar compilation..). It shouldn't be possible to hire this agent as often as you could afford him! Maybe this is the best way for Konami to earn some money with myclub coins...

Very dissapointing...

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Re: special agent champions league

Post by Mike »

So far, I've used three 'UCL Star' agents and in return I've won two black balls and one gold: Ramires (84), Márcio Azevedo (80) and Pastore (79).

Although there are a few tricks that will allow you to boost your GP, I think the majority of users will still have to prioritize when it comes to picking which, and how many, players get new contracts. Of course, premium users won't necessarily have to worry, however, if you're sensible with your GP and coins, you can ensure your squad is at a good enough level for when you come across the superstar teams.

I am a 'free' player, not spending any real-life cash on myClub so far, and since release I've been able to maintain a 70+ squad which gives me a good chance of doing well against the superstar teams (both VS COM and online).

I do understand your apprehension though. Although the agent isn't even a day old yet, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. :-)
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Re: 'Champions League Stars' Top Agent

Post by Shales »

I started off thinking that these agents were a bad idea. 59% chance of getting a Black Ball seems crazy high to me. I agree that everyone will now have a great squad. But aren't there already loads of Superstar teams out there? Whenever I play a non restricted MyClub match, I always find myself up against Robben, Suarez and Bale attacks. It really depends on how you play MyClub. I play mainly play against the CPU in the weekly competitions and dabble a little into the MyClub Divisions against Humans. But when I play against Humans I stick to a Level 2 Strength and only play against other Level 2's. You can have a maximum of 2 or 3 Star players by doing that. I can still get to DIV 1 by playing this way and I find it is an "even" playing field.

I agree that everyone will now get a Superstar team quicker than they would normally. But personally I won't come across these teams that often. People who pump their money into myclub will be laughing now, but chances are these players already have a Superstar team by now.

My first 2 agents I used last night got me Salah and Oscar. Was I pleased with them, yes of course. So I can't be frustrated at these agents too much. It's the having your cake and eating it thing. And am I going to absolutely hammer MyClub on the week Arsenal are in the Agents? Absolutely yes!
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Re: 'Champions League Stars' Top Agent

Post by nick7 »

This selection has got me back playing myclub as been glued to NBA 2K recently.

will be nice to get a told player but likely hood is i will end up with a low rated guy.

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