[FEEDBACK] Online Play

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[FEEDBACK] Online Play

Post by Mike »

I've been asked by Konami to encourage you all to fill in this feedback survey regarding the online performance of PES 2015.

Of course, online play is becoming a more prevalent game mode for the series, so please take advantage of this opportunity to get your opinions across to the team by filling out the survey below:


If you have any questions, or you'd like to leave any additional comments, then please do not hesitate to reply directly in this thread.

Thank you. :-)
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Re: [FEEDBACK] Online Play

Post by songoku »

Is it possible that a graphics patch could effect online lagg?
If one player has graphics patch and the other player dosen't have a graphics patch, is is possible that the other player will gave lagg becouse the first player has some graphics patch?

Thank you.

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