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E3 Gameplay Analysis

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E3 Gameplay Analysis

Post by PES Russia » 4 years ago

This article has been sent to the game developers.


Dear developers!
We have analyzed the gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 presented during the E3 event. The material presented here contains numerous opinions and reviews on the game coming from people who have already tried the game out. Based on these, we have prepared the list down below, where drawbacks of the current game version are pointed out.
This material has been made up with joint efforts of the biggest Pro Evolution Soccer Russian fan communities, i. e.:
- vk.com/evopes;
- peskomment.ru;
- pesonline.com.ua;
- peswe.com;
- pes-files.ru;
- pesgame.net;
- pescups.ru;
- 11x11.pesmanager.net;
and the others.

Gameplay drawbacks:
- the goalkeepers are too slow to react, it takes them too long to fall while trying to reach a low ball, their movements seem inert;
- the players tend to 'slide' on the pitch, as if they're weightless;
- goalkeepers manage to fixate the ball even after the strongest of shots, it doesn't feel natural;
- the ball is too easy to receive and control after pretty difficult passes;
- sometimes the shots and passes are too strong and don't quite match the animation of the player;
- the shots need more of a 'bite', not strength;
- the players tend to just stop moving, as if they are reloading, especially after collisions;
- the control the R2 shots are overscripted;
- long passes look unnatural;
- the animation for interceptions is too 'screaming', it also needs more variations;
- sometimes players are unexplainably passive, they rather play struggling for the ball than actually struggle for it; they also would just stare at the ball rolling right near them, not even trying to stretch a leg to take it into their possession;
- two powerbars during set pieces;
- the ball is 'glued' to the players' stronger foot;
- the players are too fussy, the change of direction happens too abruptly, and so are the animations;
- players keep talking to someone with no apparent reason; hints during free kicks and corners cannot be hidden;
- the cut-scene actions don't continue the episode before them;
- freezes in the transitions between the game episodes;
- fatigue doesn't affect players' abilities;
- during the set pieces the referee keeps his arm up longer than it's actually needed;
- sometimes players just 'stick' to each other;
- players keep moving in the wrong direction, as if something forces them;
- the game doesn't feel tight, too much free space;
- the legs movement animations don't match the body position and the player's speed, more balance is required;
- the camera attached to a player or the ball needs to be fixed;
- no coherence between the defenders and the goalkeeper;
- no fouls commited while tussling for a header;
- goalkeepers are too timid (in one-on-one situations, for instance);
- the set piece system is overscripted;
- the net physics needs mastering;
- the hand ball foul is missing, so are some others; the fair play isn't full;
- the player is only starting to move towards the ball when the powerbar is already at full.

Thank you very much for viewing this material! We hope the feedback will be useful and that the improvements in the game process won't take long to come. However, we do realize everything cannot be changed by the time PES 2016 is released, but these ideas might come in handy for the future games or for possible official PES 2016 patches.

PES Russia
Posts: 17
Joined: Fri May 29, 2015

Re: E3 Gameplay Analysis

Post by PES Russia » 4 years ago

We can prove our points with the creenshots for each issue, we know exactly what we are talking about. All we want is for you to see it as well, that's all. We have noticed the advantages incorporated in the game, and we really appreciate them, but by pointing out the shortcomings we only try to help you get rid of them and make the game even better.

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