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This material was presented to the developers
Dear developers! In this regard we have highlighted the most important flaws of the gameplay. In our opinion these flaws should be considered in the first place, and they should be improved in the future. Please use this material when working on official patches for PES and 2016 as well as development of PES 2017.

We want you to understand one simple thing – we understand that you are faced with a huge number of pitfalls that are not always possible to get around when you develop a game. Some of previous features are ejected because of new ones, some features you actually can’t implement, and some of them implemented fairly. But fans want all at once. We want you to know, that this article is written to give you an idea of what kind of gameplay we want to see! When we point out the flaws of the gameplay (in this article), we're not trying to blame you! We just want to help you. We have no right to demand something. We are just consumers as you think. But it is not so. Many of the fans are devoted to the series and some of them would like to join your team, to make our favorite game even better! It is not a secret that many fans want to be involved in the development process of their favorite game! There are many large fan sites on the PES, where people discuss your game on the forums! Opinion of huge amount of fans can be more useful than flattering words of game journalist. After all the criticism is the engine of evolution! Your fans are loyal to the game! Please respect their opinions, and contact more with them, and bring them to development of the game! Their recognition of the game - that's your best award and you should be proud of it!
You probably have the impression that we don’t see any advantages in the game. But this is not so. The game has a lot of advantages. We could've provided you with more information if it wasn't for linguistic complications, everything was translated by ourselves.
Please if you agree with the content of this material (partially or completely) and find it relevant – let the developers know about it! The more publicity this material gets, the better. Without talking about it, you only disorientate the developers. Remember that you play PES and don't stay indifferent!
We are aware that we can be wrong at some point (and maybe we haven`t mentioned something significant). But who makes no mistakes makes nothing, isn’t it? Enjoy reading!

● delayed reflexes
● slow speed
● goalkeepers are not trying to reduce the angle of attack

● the contact between players is not felt
● sometimes shots and passes are not felt (sharp and a clear shot is not felt; in these moments the players pass like a hockey stick)
● lack of sensitivity and feedback (the control of players’ movements), resulting in inertial motions
● contact between cleats and turf is not felt (the players move as if they run on the clouds)
● clear contact with the ball is not felt when dribbling
● the animation of shot or pass goes not simultaneously with the filling of the power-bar, but after filling (the power bar fills up too quickly)
● dynamic of the game is achieved not due to good sensitivity and timely response, but due to the unbalanced, ultra-high speed of the game

★ AI
● AI doesn’t perform high pressure on defence
● AI doesn’t try to stop the solo runs, block shots and passes
● AI tackles not aggressively and tenaciously
● AI demonstrates unrealistic good vision of the field, and instantly makes the decisions (most of them are correct)
● AI rarely intentionally foul
● AI doesn’t try to create positional attacks (not taking position on the opponent side of the field), doesn’t involve the entire width of the field when attacking
● AI sometimes keeps the ball too long, making absolutely unnecessary motions
● AI performs super-efficient through-passes (from the center and from the sides), while the defensive line doesn’t have time to respond
● AI doesn’t pass into a free zone
● AI doesn't always try to play ahead (moving towards the ball)
● AI doesn’t actually use R2 dribbling, preferring to jerk from side to side
● AI acts very coolly and almost with no mistakes (there is no human factor)
Dear fans! We urge those who agree with one or another disadvantage of gameplay mentioned in the article, not to remain indifferent and to let the developers know about it!
● you can feel the ball glued (as if magnetized) to the leading foot when dribbling (it’s impossible to lose the ball without impacts)
● maximum speed of the ball after shots and passes is too high
● sometimes after a strong shot the ball sticks to goalkeeper’s gloves

● short-term freezes of players (particularly after collisions)
● defensive line moves slowly after throug-passes
● players are easily adjust to the ball
● the positioning of players on free kicks, throw-ins
● AI doesn’t always play according to the situation. The AI often moves towards the ball not on the shortest path; when moving with the ball to the goal AI is not trying to cut the corner
● every time you shoot the ball with the same player, from the same position, with the same power, the ball flies to the same spot (tested in training mode)
● lots of clean tackles
● low influence of fatigue on the actions of players (the substitutions are unnecessary)

● there are no mistakes in the work with the ball (it’s almost impossible to lose the ball), high precision dribbling
● it’s too easy for players to take the ball under control after strong pass
● players are too smartly adjust to the ball (including when the ball is in the air)
● high accuracy of shots and passes (no dispersion)

● the referee doesn’t assess the degree of violation of the rules (instead of yellow card – nothing, instead of red card – yellow)
● offensive fouls
● minor fouls
● passive offside

● the default game speed (0) is too high
● players act with the ball on very high speed
● the speed of ball movement and players movement is unbalanced (the sharp movements are mixed with inert motion)

● the power of passes and shots is often not match with the animation (mighty swing and weak shot)
● the players shift the ball from foot to foot easily
● unnatural animation of crosses
● animation of tackles looks unrealistic
● the goalkeeper lacks of agility and flexibility

● players sometimes behave unrealistically agile, without losing balance

● it’s very easy to make solo runs
● it’s very easy to beat defender 1 on 1
● it’s very easy to score
Dear developers! Please take comments on the gameplay into account and pay attention to them when developing official patches PES 2016 and during development of PES 2017! And please, devote more time for feedback from the fans. They always have what to tell.
● there is no potential speed of the players (the option of additional acceleration due to the turn of the stick)
● there is no opportunity to add on an extra power to shots and passes by pressing the button twice during the swing
● the inability to change the direction of the pass
● the inability to interrupt feints

● after the transition between episodes players teleport to their default positions instead of staying at the same place
● the animation of dodging the contact instead of a blocking foul. This eliminates minor fouls

● slow playback of replays
● there are no replays of side episodes
● freeze-frame in the transitions between scenes

● multiple loading screens
● delayed response when navigating through the interface

● no clear fan-sectors
● fair play
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Thank you for your attention! Sincerely, the Russian community of fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer series!

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