Some MP3s Corrupt, Others OK Through PS3

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Some MP3s Corrupt, Others OK Through PS3

Post by Mcleish »

When I play certain MP3s through my PS3 device, I get the message "data corrupted". Using Windows Media Player, ALL of my music is OK.

I recently purchased a new computer and restored my music library on it. In addition, I upgraded to TVERSITY Pro v1.9.3. I am playing my content on a Samsung HD TV using the Sony PS3 device. For some reason, when playing some MP3 files through the PS3, they play fine and others display the message "data corrupted". Using Windows Media player on my computer, I can access and play ALL of my music ok. How do I fix this problem on the PS3?

Prior to restoring my music to the new computer and upgrading to TVERSITY PRO, I was playing all of my music ok using TVERSITY Free version. Any help is appeciated. Are there some CODEC settings I need to update or download?

TVersity Version 1.9.3
OS Windows 7
Cisco E3000 Router
PS3 Version 3.56

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Re: Some MP3s Corrupt, Others OK Through PS3

Post by Mike »

Thanks for including links to your fantastic website, but I'm afraid they weren't needed. ;)

Also, please post in the right section next time. This section is for PES 2011 PS3 editing discussion. The evidence suggests that you are a "spam account", so I will have to remove you from the boards.

For now, I'll close the thread. Please PM me if you want to convince me that you aren't a spambot.
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