Online Play - Deadline: June 19

All data collected here will be sent direct to Konami and will help improve the game.
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Online Play - Deadline: June 19

Post by Mike »

Konami have been in touch and have asked for feedback regarding the design, features and structure of online PES.

To contribute, please post your replies to the following three questions:

  • 1) What feature/design is FIFA better in quality compared to PES?

    2) What kind of feature/design do you see in FIFA that PES does not have?

    3) What are your general opinions and feelings for online features? (PES/other than PES)

You have until June 19th to submit all your thoughts as I will be sending my feedback document to Konami the following day.
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Online Play - Deadline: June 19

Post by Shales »

1) TBC

2) Bring in "World Cup Willy" mode or "Wembley" as it might also be known. We all grew up playing this game in the streets or in the park right? Me and my friends actually played this on PS2 PES and it's great fun. We played 8 player training mode (using two 4-way adapters) and you had to score past the CPU GK and you went through to the next round. You couldn't actually slide tackle each other because you're actually on the same team but you could block shots and run into the player to take the ball. A proper online mode of this would be great fun IMO. You could even use your BAL player.

3) 1 - Bring back MLO in addition to MyClub. That will potentially please the folks who are desperate for a Transfer Market.
2 - Scrap the "Scripting/Balancing" to Online play and just use the Emotion/Heart feature.
3 - Bring in optional "toggle" filters to MyClub to prevent people using 100% white ball benches. The Team Level filter isn't strong enough as you get people who can squeeze Ronaldo into a Level 1 team.
4 - Lock the Pass Assist settings once you've started a match. People can easily switch from Manual to Assisted during the game.
5 - GP fines for Red Cards
6 - Daily Challenges for MyClub like hattricks, Assists, Clean Sheets etc. Similar to the Challenges we see in PCM.
7 - Auto Contract Renewals for Players in MyClub. Example if a Striker scores 10 goals in 10 games.
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Online Play - Deadline: June 19

Post by ukexplicit1984 »

1) The whole online system is better. Ultimate Team is considerably more involving and interesting than MyClub currently due to the number of players available, the options you have with making your team and the the general performance of the game online. In FIFA I would say that in 9/10 games the game plays like I am playing someone on the same console. With PES I would say that is more like 1 or 2/10 currently. The PES servers are truly atrocious and I have a very good internet connection, no other game lags even remotely close to how PES does. It is 2016 and the online performance is an embarrassment in this day and age. Please improve this. PES 2013 was nearly always rock solid online, do that again!

2) If I could choose one thing to take from FIFA it would either be the transfer market from Ultimate Team (to allow for selling those players that don't fit into your team) or to allow for more players per ball purchase like Ultimate Teams card packs. That way, not every ball will be a waste of time like it often is now as you may not get that RB you desperately need but a new DMF may improve your team somewhat.

3) I would like to see the following:
- AI during player vs player online games set at Superstar standard. No more dumb goalkeeping or idiotic AI defenders just letting the ball run past them. PES 2016 offline on Superstar difficulty player vs player is absolutely fantastic, this is how it should be online. Obviously the vs AI divisions/cups should start on regular and work their way up, but player vs player should ALWAYS be superstar level.
-Bring back an MLO mode or find a way to combine MLO with what you are trying to do with MyClub. MyClub could be a very enjoyable mode and a great time sink like MLO was on PES 2013. However, there is too little pay off currently. Its too easy to waste purchase after purchase and not get anyone who remotely fits your team. Some form of transfer market or specific position search would improve this no end.
-More players, as many as possible. Even if you can't get the rights to the teams or leagues, get more players.
-Remove the truly idiotic idea of not being able to change formations mid game. I like the concept of not being able to do unrealistic or cheap formations, but locking a manager to 4-5-1 and stopping me from going 2 up front when losing is ridiculous. Lock the positions so they can't be moved to ridiculous extremes but allow me to change my formation before or during the game to what I want. No manager religiously sticks to a formation if a game is going badly and I shouldn't need to have multiple managers just to have options. Please change this asap.
-Reduce contract renewals. They are way too high currently. Similar to managers their could be renewal challenges that give you free renewals depending on a players performance. But in general, lessening the amount it costs would help a lot.
-If a player gets sent off in a MyClub game, they should be unavailable to be used in the next game or 2 depending on the offense. They should also not be available to be traded or sold until after the suspension has passed.
-No pass assist or just 1 bar pass assist in all online games. Anymore than that is so cheap. It lowers the quality of the game and means those who try to play with those settings are unfairly penalised or just can't find a game against someone with similar settings.
-Do something about the exploits. No more OP through balls and the such like. Hopefully the new game will stop all that rubbish with defenders taking a lot longer to respond than attackers, giving them an unfair advantage.
-No scripting online. I don't want my players to be boosted or limited because of unseen factors. Let them play to their ability and let me worry about whether I am going to be able to get something from the game. For that matter, none of that heart or home advantage stuff either. In single player master league that makes sense, online it doesn't. Don't use it. To be honest, I would remove the form arrows as well, real life form should have no bearing on online game modes other than tweaks and changes to players ability ratings.
-Improve the servers. Let us feel like we are playing someone who is sat next to us when we play online. Not like we are playing in 1999 on 56k dial up! Its 2016 and your online component should be rock solid. If I can get rock solid performance on FIFA, COD, Dark Souls, Battlefield, DayZ and all manner of other games, then you should be able to do the same! Please. PES 2013 MLO was my favorite mode of any football game ever, I could make interesting teams and have seriously great games against those players who didn't exploit the through balls and Van Der Mirch. If you could make a rock solid online component in 2013, then do it again. There needs to be NO delay in button pushes to actions in online, and unfortunately since PES 2014 the delay has always been there. This is by far and away the biggest change that needs sorting, so please, sort out the online servers and give MyClub games the feel of playing someone who is sat right next to you. Thats how online should be in PES.
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