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Importing players pre Daymos OF

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Importing players pre Daymos OF

Post by Yellowman » 8 years ago

I think this is the right place to post this question, maybe it should of been in the Daymos topic!?

Either way, I want to put a few players in to the Championship so I can start a little ML to entertain me till DLC/OF Update..

For example Beckford who was at Everton before the DLC deleted him, can I delete the DLC and OF and copy Beckford and then add him to Leicester?

Cheers for any answers.

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Re: Importing players pre Daymos OF

Post by bogeyexpress » 8 years ago

You can go back and delete the EDIT data file from your HD and then use the default setup. There is a post in here somewhere on exactly how to do it. I went to my HD and deleted the EDIT DATA file. Loaded the game and it was defaulted again.

I would try that and then maybe you can move him to Leicester, but I'm not a 100% exactly how to do it. You might try asking daymos or one of the mods directly via PM.
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