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Master League Adventure Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:34 am
by BunglesFinger
Folks, just wondering how you are getting on with your various Master Leagues?

Early days for me but it's shaping up well. I've started as Santos in the Brazilian League. I think because I'd used an OF for the Brazilian league which must have been messed up a bit by DP2.0 their squad was small and fairly weak. Before I started, I transferred the 3 really useful players to one of the the other weak Brazilian teams in exchange for 3 very average young players in edit mode.

Once I've started the ML I could see it wasn't gonna be easy. Small weak squad = very low budget (especially for wages). I could bring in a small number of new players. I created myself as a 20 year old 75 rated CM in the youth team and managed to be able to get myself promoted using all the money I had.

On the pitch I got to the quarter finals of the Cup (the Cup seems to get played before the league starts in Brazil) then I've won 2 and drawn 2 so far in the league. I only play on professional atm. Team spirit is 68 and improving. I'm having to work with a small squad and train players to play other positions. It's been good fun, reminded me of the old days of PES 4 and my very first ML where I had to work a bit more before I could start building up a better squad.

I'm hope that if I'm punching above my weight at the transfer window, then the boss will up the wage budget. 2 more reliable players could make a huge difference to the squad. If not, maybe at the end of the season. It's hard to guess how long it will take to get to World domination from where I am now! You've got to live the dream though.

BTW, something that I tend to do with the classic players; I put a bunch of them in the game at clubs they used to play for. In the Brazilian league, I've got Romario, Zico and Socrates kicking about. Also Maradona at Napoli and Gullit at Milan. It gets more good players in the game. Not everyone would like that, I can understand why.

I'll start a European ML as well at some point.

Master League Adventure Thread

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:55 pm
by Mike
BunglesFinger wrote:
10 months ago
Folks, just wondering how you are getting on with your various Master Leagues?
I'm still waiting to start my one. I've resisted temptation and will now wait for the winter transfer window to finish. I really enjoyed ML last year, and I expect not a lot has changed since then, so I hope I can still have fun as soon as I start - and yes, I know the mode needs a lot of work.

Sorry for the lateness of my reply. I've been super busy lately. I will explain everything as soon as I can.