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PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 1:35 pm
by MotherHen
Tomorrow (May 9th), Konami have said there will be a full reveal of PES 2019. Last time they said this was 2016 and it was just a date along side a poster with a new logo so i wouldn't expect to much.

Also, read the following and believe what you want :)
A since-removed leaked listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store revealed an abundance of features for PES 2019. It also answered what might be happening with the game’s license partnership.
According to the leak (via Evo-Web), a listing for PES 2019 appeared briefly on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store with a release date of August 30.
It also revealed a ‘Legend Edition’ variant of the title with David Beckham featured on the cover in what appeared to be his old England kit.
You can view the full list of new features from the alleged listing below:
AUTHENTIC LEAGUES: Huge addition of licensed leagues
NEW MYCLUB: Every element has been redone, from how you sign players, to special versions of players released throughout the year
MAGIC MOMENTS: Player individuality taken to the next level with 11 new skill traits, score great goals with improved shooting motion and animation and see stamina have an impact with Visible Fatigue
THE BEAUTIFUL GAME: Photo-realism with stunning animation flow in 4K HDR
ML REAL SEASON: Experience life as a real manager with 3 significant changes: ICC pre-season, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses

Read more at ... A7OzJMZ.99

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 3:34 pm
by ukexplicit1984
Just watched the reveal and had a read about the changes, all sounds rather promising! As long as they continue to build on the solid foundation that 2018 has given them then I will be happy. Would love some more information about the revamped myclub transfers as I hope that isn't a transfer market as such. A player led scout market I can get on board with but not a ultimate team style transfer market although it will be a good way to make money I suppose!

Now we just need some news on whether they have added some passing error to stop people one touch passing all the way from end to end with zero mistakes and defenders deciding to run the wrong way when you take control of them! If they make those changes and slow the gameplay down a touch I will be ecstatic! Looking very promising though!

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 3:53 am
by MotherHen
Well, i take everything i read on twitter with a pinch of salt but the talk is there are 7 new leagues. Six are European.

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 8:16 pm
by itstroff
Lighting looks lovely and we've got evening to night matches as well.

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 6:51 am
by itstroff
In the lane, snow is glistening


PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 12:32 pm
by MotherHen
Has @Mike left the forum?? :(

Anyway, they have just announced the seven fully licenced leagues.

1. Portugal
2. Russia
3. Switzerland
4. Scotland
5. Argentina
6. Belgium
7. Denmark

Also, two more are being announced at a later date.

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 4:58 pm
by ukexplicit1984
Really wish they had included Norway! Reckon of the other two, maybe the MLS and Chinese Super League as they seem to be the most requested fake leagues in the option files (other than the out of reach Bundesliga of course)..

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 5:59 pm
by MotherHen
I tell myself that if they do have two more leagues and they are holding off announcing them, they must be decent leagues. But, also don't wanna set myself up for a disappointment :)

In terms of BIG leagues, in order, its....

1. English Premier League
2. German Bundesliga
3. Spanish La Liga
4. American MLS
5. Chinese Super League
6. Turkish Super League

1 to 4 are all owned by EA. 5 is a tricky one. Not even EA can get the rights to this team. I did hear that the CSL was bringing out their own game? And 6, while requested, it is really worthy of its own announcement later on?

Maybe some South/North American? Nothing i really give a stuff about to be honest. The Japanese one?

Also, Norway? Just out of interest, why Norway? :)

PES 2019 Discussion, News + Videos

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 10:36 am
by ukexplicit1984
MotherHen wrote:
19 hours ago
Also, Norway? Just out of interest, why Norway?
"Establishing Communications"
Mainly so I don't have to ask Mike to make Rosenborg again so I can relive my sensible world or soccer glory days and take them to the top of all football again!

As for the other leagues, a lot will depend on if konami worked something out with Ea to relinquish the champions league rights. No matter what statements they put out I can't see konami would give up their ace unless they could get something substantial for it