help plz updating pes2013

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help plz updating pes2013

Post by gabal »

i have original pes2013 and every time i enter information section i find the data package update is dimmed and can't get the summer transfer or any new update. is there any way to get the new transfers ? and why i can't update although i have an original console and game?

2nd question.
every time i enter to play online the game request for a serial number of my game, i enter the one i got with the game it tells me that the serial is expired or no longer valid, so how can i play online?

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Re: help plz updating pes2013

Post by Seabass »

The latest PES 2013 DLC (Data Pack 6) doesn't include summer transfers. The only PES title which includes the latest transfers is PES 2014.

As your online pass, did you buy a pre-owned copy of PES 2013? If so, it sounds like you need to buy a new pass: ... s-it-valid
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